Building Contractor in Wakefield | How You can Benefit from Home Renovations

There are many reasons why you may choose to renovate your home. Maybe the style is outdated, the layout doesn’t work for you or you just want a change. Whatever your reasons, the building contractors at Holmfirth Building Services deliver the solutions you need to create your dream home. With many years of experience, our house builders and contractors offer a range of benefits. As well altering and updating the existing space, we provide house extensions and landscaping services, such as dry stone walling. With a team of builders and roofing contractors, no area of your Wakefield home misses out.

If you’re wondering how you can benefit from property renovations, read our guide to the key advantages we offer:

Increased Property Value

Home renovations are an excellent investment. Our building contractors can increase the value of your property in Wakefield by up to 78%. Even just renovating the kitchen can add on average 5.5% to the price of your home.

If you include house extensions and garden renovations, such as dry stone walling, in your renovation plans, you can significantly increase the value of your property. This also makes your home more appealing to potential buyers. The reroofing services our roofing contractors undertake also improve the appeal and value of your property.

Obviously, this makes renovating worthwhile if you’re planning to sell, either soon or at some point in the future. However, you can still benefit from this investment even if you don’t plan on selling. You get to enjoy the improvements while living in your home and you’ll have a more substantial inheritance to leave your children.

Improved Function & Comfort

One of the main reason homeowners in Wakefield choose to renovate is to improve the comfort and function of their property. Our building contractors tailor plans to you and your family, so you get a space that meets your specific needs.

As experienced house builders, we offer a range of services to create the perfect space. This includes:

• Layout Alterations
• Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations
• House Extensions
• Decorating & Plastering
• Joinery
• Flooring

We even undertake landscaping services, such as dry stone walling and block paving, to give you the most out of every area of you home. In addition, with skilled roofing contractors on our team, we offer roof repairs and full reroofing services in Wakefield and the surrounding areas.

Our extensive services ensure your home meets your needs, whether you require a large family bathroom, open plan kitchen or clever storage solutions.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Many older properties lack energy efficiency. By renovating, you can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home, reducing your environmental impact and lowering household builds.

Our house builders and roofing contractors have years of experience delivering energy efficient solutions to homeowners in Wakefield and all the surrounding areas. With features such as a newly insulated roof, double glazing and eco-friendly appliances, we improve the efficiency of your home.

In addition, when constructing house extensions, our building contractors ensure a high level of insulation for maximum heat retention.

For more information about house renovations, contact our building contractors on 07831 809376 or 07791 375068 for services in Wakefield and the surrounding areas.

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