Roofing Contractor in Harrogate | Signs You Need a New Roof From the Reliable House Builders

Over time, even the strongest of roofs will begin to show signs of damage. This can occur due to age, high winds and heavy rain in the Harrogate area. Unfortunately, the symptoms aren’t always obvious, resulting in more problems down the line. When this happens, call the experienced roofing contractors and house builders for the best results. Our talented building contractors work hard to restore homes, house extensions and erect dry stone walling that stands tall for decades.

Unlike some house builders near Harrogate, we deliver high-quality roofing for your protection in the longer term. Speak with our team if any of the signs below apply to your home in the local area.

Do You Need a Visit From Our Roofing Contractors?

Whether it’s EPDM, single or double-ply, your roof must withstand high levels of abuse throughout the years. Naturally, this will take a toll on the structure itself, making a reroof more likely. As experienced roofing contractors, we can advise on the life expectancy of your new materials, which we install with professional care every single time.

Our house builders create roofs for house extensions, garages and outbuildings. We operate with great attention to detail and apply this same strong work ethic to our dry stone walling projects.

Repairing the Physical Damage

In choosing our reliable building contractors, you know that any maintenance, repairs and installations will meet a high standard. Our service extends from the timbers to the tiling and even to dry stone walling in the Harrogate area.

A Sagging Roof – Any good house builder will tell you that a sagging roof needs urgent care. Caused by too much weight or long-term water damage, this problem signals structural issues that only an expert can resolve. If weight is the issue, then our roofing contractors can replace your roof in Harrogate with lighter material. We also replace roofs for house extensions and other structures within the region.

Moss and Mould – Damp patches can occur due to moisture inside the property, leading to mould and mildew growth. If ignored, these can lead to respiratory issues, so contact your local building contractors for a fast response. Unfortunately, any water damage in your Harrogate home will likely come from a hole in the roof and need immediate repair work.

Missing Slates and Tiles – Have you seen broken bits of roof on the ground? As time goes on, more roof materials may fall due to high winds and other conditions. You might also need a roofing contractor to look for exposed materials that might let water into your property in the Harrogate area. Skilled in renovations, house extensions and dry stone walling, we can spot issues before they escalate.

Neighbouring Homes – Are your neighbours updating their roofs? Many homes are built at the same time, so nearby roofs can degrade at a similar rate. If your friends next door have called in the local house builders and roofing contractors, it may be time for you to do the same. From dry stone walling to house extensions and renovations, our building contractors will be thrilled to take on your next repair or home improvement project.

Please call our house builders and roofing contractors on 07831 809376 or 07791 375068. We provide house extensions and more across the Harrogate area.

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