Dry Stone Walling in Wetherby | Contact Our Building Contractors for These Important Elements

Just as a landscape involves more than dry stone walling, your house includes more than just bricks and mortar. In fact, it takes a blend of creative skill and reliable materials to build a high-performing home in the Wetherby area, so house extensions, renovations and other projects demand a comprehensive service. Your house builders must remember to apply the same, committed approach towards the unseen areas as they do the most prominent fixtures. With over a century of shared experience, our building contractors do exactly that.

Beyond new builds, house extensions and dry stone walling, we also take pride in our role as roofing contractors. Learn about some of the further services we provide that you might not think about, and reach out to our house builders to talk through your project in Wetherby.

From Dry Stone Walling to the Fascias and Lead Flashings

When looking to extend or renovate, it’s common to focus on the aspects that add visual appeal. Our building contractors and talented house builders think hard on these elements, planning ahead to ensure your property in the Wetherby area functions at its very best.

Soffits and Fascias – Very few people ever look up at the eaves. They might not seem important, but these fittings remain key to thermal regulation, moisture protection and good air circulation. Fascias also keep pests such as squirrels and birds out of the home and often hold the gutters in place to enable rainwater to enter the drains below. As expert roofing contractors, the Holmfirth team can discuss these crucial aspects with you.

Leadwork – Have you ever noticed the material around chimneys and windows? Those are lead flashings. Designed to keep homes in Wetherby safe from water entry, they cover adjoining areas that might otherwise be exposed. Be sure to choose house builders and roofing contractors that consider the leadwork when maintaining or repairing the roof, either of your home or house extensions.

Garden Walls – Many homeowners forget that a neat and easy-to-maintain landscape can make a real difference to their lifestyle. Asking our building contractors to add a patio with stone circles and dry stone walling not only boosts the garden’s visual appeal – it also ensures your property attracts the eye and raises the release price. Of course, a new driveway can have a similar effect too, but dry stone walling lasts for decades and even centuries in some cases.

The Building Services – House extensions and renovations in the Wetherby area require a range of building services to give you the comforts you deserve. These include electrical wiring, bespoke joinery, painting and decorating, to name a few of them. A call to Holmfirth Building Services means you receive the building contractors, roofing contractors and trusted house builders required to carry out these works to a high standard.

Your Ambitions – It’s not just about giving your home in Wetherby the repairs, maintenance or renovations they need. We aim to push for customer satisfaction by focusing on your vision from the start. We can perform dry stone walling, multi-storey extensions, flooring, tarmacking, and even assist with new builds throughout the local region.

If you’d like to speak with our building contractors for anything from house extensions to dry stone walling in Wetherby, please call 07831 809376 or 07791 375068.

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