House Extensions in Rochdale | Why Extensions and Garden Landscaping go Hand in Hand

Garden landscaping is the perfect addition to house extensions. If you’re thinking about extending your home, you need to consider improving your outdoor space as well. With an extensive skill set, our building contractors and house builders undertake extensions, renovations, new builds and landscaping, including dry stone walling, to give you the home you deserve. Having been working as building and roofing contractors for many years, we know how to make your property reach its full potential while meeting your needs. There are numerous benefits to combining an extension and landscaping project in Rochdale, such as seamless design and maximum function.

The following are some of the key reasons homeowners choose to combine interior and exterior services:

Minimal Disruption

If you’re planning a garden remodel in the future, or even if you think you might have work done, it’s worthwhile bringing plans forward to coincide with house extensions. In this way, once work is complete, you won’t have to worry about another project disrupting your home in the future.

This is also why our house builders and roofing contractors recommend undertaking all building and landscaping services for new builds in Rochdale at the time of construction.

Seamless Design

One of the main benefits of having garden and extension services carried out at the same time, by the same building contractors, is that it ensures a seamless design throughout your property. We do this by matching the style of outdoor spaces to the style inside house extensions and the rest of your home. For example, using the same stone for dry stone walling and interior flooring.

Another way our team of house builders and contractors create a seamless design is by ensuring a smooth transition between spaces. For example, house extensions in Rochdale are popular for expanding kitchen space. By incorporating a large bi-fold door and continuous flooring that leads from the kitchen onto a patio, we deliver an effective, stylish and seamless finish.

When constructing extensions, our roofing contractors match roofing materials to the existing building, ensuring the new structure fits in perfectly.

Greater Function

When you’re spending money on improving your home in Rochdale, you want to enjoy every aspect of your property. By undertaking landscaping work at the same time as an extension, you maximise the function of your home. This is because our building contractors tailor every area to how you use the space.

In addition, hard landscaping features, such as patios and dry stone walling, allow you to use your garden all year round, offer greater privacy, and their visual appeal adds to your enjoyment of the garden.

Increased Value

It’s common knowledge that house extensions increase property value. A well-designed and attractive garden also adds to the value of your home in Rochdale. Combine the two and you’re looking at a sizeable investment.

Even if you’re not planning to sell anytime soon, you can enjoy the benefits of home improvements.

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