House Builder in Alderley Edge | How Can You Make Your Home More Efficient?

Did you know that even a modern house can waste energy? Unless you pay close attention to specific areas, you may be losing heat throughout the year. Serving Alderley Edge and the nearby areas, our building contractors know the difference between low and high-performing materials. This makes our house builders and roofing contractors the perfect choice to update your property. With the best materials in hand, we build house extensions and new homes throughout the local region.

From dry stone walling to EPDM from our roofing contractors, we focus on quality and long-term safety. Our expert house builders never rely on outdated options and supply the eco-friendly products necessary. In this way, our building contractors help clients in Alderley Edge and West Yorkshire to go green.

Windows and Doors – Studies show that homes across Alderley Edge and the nearby areas may lose over 10% of heat through the windows. Our building contractors can install double-glazed windows for your property, fit draught-proof doors and seal any gaps for greater warmth. Hanging thick curtains can also help to some extent.

We can resolve any issues relating to your interior, exterior and house extensions. We also provide landscaping services, such as stone circles and dry stone walling.

Insulate the Roof and Walls – Roofing contractors know that around 25% of heat in the home is lost through the roof. Heat rises, so this should come as little surprise. Our house builders can insulate any part of your Alderley Edge home, including for new builds and house extensions. If you would like to learn more about the roofing materials we provide, a member of our team can discuss their benefits. We can also improve your landscape with dry stone walling that holds firm in severe wind and rain.

Keep Your Property Updated – Old floors, broken plaster and damp surfaces won’t help matters. With a range of building services available, our house builders can check for leaks and deliver the joinery needed for your Alderley Edge home. We develop house extensions complete with firm roofing – giving your home innovative products at a competitive price.

Beyond our work as building contractors, we transform external landscapes. From block paving to dry stone walling, we offer a great service with the advice you need.

Check Your Roofline – It’s not just about preventing leaks. Roofing contractors can replace any smashed fascias or rotting soffits that allow the cold air to enter. This will also prevent pests from entering the home and causing any holes to expand further. If you notice fallen slates or a problem with a flat roof in the Alderley Edge area, our roofing and building contractors can assist.

Please get in touch to enquire with our house builders and roofing contractors. Our experts manage house extensions to completion, produce eco-friendly builds and can install a dazzling boundary through dry stone walling.

Do you wish to speak with a reliable team of house builders in the Alderley Edge area? Please call our building contractors on 07831 809376 or 07791 375068

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